tibet: enduring spirit, exploited land

by Robert Z. Apte and Andres R. Edwards, AuthorHouse (Second Edition), 2004 Heartsfire Books (Hardback), 1998. 2005.

TIBET: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land describes the traditional lives of nomads and farmers and their practices in co-existing with the environment. The environmental ethic developed by the Tibetans over millenia now threatened by Chinese development practices has gained increased significance for the world as the population increases and its dependence on the natural resources reaches its limits. For excerpts from TIBET: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land, see The Tibet Environmental Watch (TEW) web site.

The Tibet Environmental Watch (TEW) web site, which evolved from our Tibet book, has updated environmental information on Tibet and the region. To order go to: AuthorHouse Publishers.

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