Consulting Services

Andrés Edwards is an educator, sustainability consultant, entrepreneur, and author. As founder and president of EduTracks, he and a team of colleagues work with businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and non-profits to identify and create effective communication strategies that promote their sustainability mission and goals.

Andrés and a team of colleagues focus on consulting and training on four areas: environmental assessments including resource efficiency; sustainability education; green building and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design); and developing communications strategies for organizations around sustainability principles and practices.

  • Develop environmental assessment and strategic plans for resource efficiency programs (energy, water, waste management, transportation…).
  • Advise and develop sustainability educational programs and trainings for secondary and higher educational institutions and organizations.
  • Design training and communications programs in green building and LEED education.
  • Create effective communications strategies that promote an organization’s sustainability mission and goals.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Sustainability Strategy & Resource Efficiency

As companies, institutions, non-profits and government agencies see the value of implementing resource efficiency measures and practices, they have a need for creating a strategic plan and a set of guiding principles and communications program to educate their staff and customers. Andrés Edwards and a network of colleagues work closely with the organization’s leadership team to create a customized plan to design and communicate their organization’s goals and objectives.

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Sustainability Education

The growing interest in greening secondary and higher educational institutions ranges from greening the campuses, to incorporating ecoliteracy in academic programs, to providing community education programs on sustainability topics. Andrés Edwards works with a variety of academic institutions and nonprofits to develop sustainability education programs.

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Green Building & LEED® Education

As green building concepts and practices mainstream, companies and municipalities need to educate their staff and the public about the different aspects of high performance buildings such as: site selection, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality and green building materials.

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Exhibit Design

Andrés Edwards works with teams of writers, researchers, graphic designers and fabricators to design inspiring public spaces describing science conservation efforts, natural and cultural history for museums, visitor centers, zoos and aquariums throughout the US. He focuses in the concept and interpretive elements with a keen appreciation for conveying the client’s goals and objectives and sourcing sustainable materials for the fabrication phase. 

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Media Design

With a background in media design and production, Andrés Edwards has extensive experience in developing strategies that clearly convey an organization’s communications goals. His work in media seeks to find optimal ways of telling a story, explaining an environmental issue or a process using text, video, animation and graphics.

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"Andres did great work and delivered on a very tight schedule. Plus, it was refreshing working with a fellow LEED Accredited Professional."