From Sustainability to Thriveability...
The increasing global environmental, social and economic challenges we face demand a new worldview that goes from “sustaining” to “thriving.” The root word of “thriving” comes from “grasp to oneself.” As we ‘grasp’ that we are an integral part of nature and not separate from it, and that we can each make a difference, we move closer to devising and implementing innovative solutions for thriving communities. One of our greatest assets is our unlimited imagination, capable of fostering the well-being of all species and the earth's life-support systems.

aeAndrés Edwards is a sustainability consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and award-winning author. He creates innovative ways to illustrate the relationship between individuals, the built environment and living systems. His work includes writing, teaching and consulting with businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. His areas of expertise include developing environmental assessments and resource efficiency strategic plans and training, and communication programs that promote an organization’s sustainability mission and goals.


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Thriving Beyond Sustainability:
Pathways to a Resilient Societ

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