Andrés Edwards is the author of Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy, The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside Out, Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society, The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift and (with Robert Apte) Tibet: Enduring Spirit Exploited Land. His writings on sustainability topics include: green building, energy efficiency, natural and cultural history, science and technology and systems theory. He has written for online journals, electronic encyclopedias and for exhibits at museums, visitor centers, zoos, and aquariums throughout the US and internationally.

Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy
By Andrés R. Edwards
New Society Publishers, 2019

Renewal explores the science behind why being in nature makes us feel alive and helps us thrive. Using personal experiences and cutting-edge research in cognitive science, this book weaves delightful stories that: Reveal nature's genius and impacts on our lives from physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual perspectives; explore how emulating nature is yielding design breakthroughs with biomimicry and biophilic design; highlight the importance of compassion and coexisting with wildlife in designing our conservation strategies, and describe the significance of nurturing an ecological ethic that supports a reciprocal relationship with nature.




The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside Out
By Andrés R. Edwards
New Society Publishers, 2015

The Heart of Sustainability delves into the human dimension of this burgeoning international movement to build a better world. This landmark work illustrates the integration of the four Es: ecology, economy, equity, and education— the bedrock of the current sustainability framework—with the four Cs: conscious, creative, compassionate and connected. Focusing on specific examples and concrete initiatives from around the world, it shows us how to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and nature in order to tackle the challenges we face as a global community.


Nautilus Book Awards


Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society
By Andrés R. Edwards
New Society Publishers, 2010

Thriving Beyond Sustainability draws a collective map of individuals, organizations and communities from around the world that are committed to building an alternative future — one that strives to restore ecological health, reinvent outmoded institutions and rejuvenate our environmental, social and economic systems. The projects and initiatives profiled are meeting the challenges of the day with optimism, hope and results.


Living Now Book Awards


The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift
By Andrés R. Edwards
New Society Publishers (Seventh Printing), 2005

A comprehensive primer on the history, evolution and future of the movement toward sustainability. Sustainability has become a buzzword in the last decade, but its full meaning is complex, emerging from a range of different sectors. In practice, it has become the springboard for millions of individuals throughout the world who are forging the fastest and most profound social transformation of our time, the Sustainability Revolution.




TIBET: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land
By Robert Z. Apte and Andrés R. Edwards
AuthorHouse (Second Edition), 2004 Heartsfire Books (Hardback), 1998.

TIBET: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land describes the traditional lives of nomads and farmers and their practices in co-existing with the environment. The environmental ethic developed by the Tibetans over millenia now threatened by Chinese development practices has gained increased significance for the world as the population increases and its dependence on the natural resources reaches its limits.




Bridging Awe and Nature
By Andrés R. Edwards
LinkedIn. Posted June 14, 2016.

This article scribes how nature acts as a catalyst for instilling awe in our lives.


Looking Within To Discover Our Leadership and Activist Styles
By Andrés R. Edwards
GreenBiz. Posted January 23, 2016.

This article describes the relationship between our temperament and leadership and activist styles that we choose to adopt.



Sustainability From The Inside Out
By Andrés R. Edwards
LinkedIn. Posted October 22, 2015.

This Article compares the outer Es: ecology, economy, equity, education with the inner Cs: consciousness, creativity, compassion, connection of sustainability.



How Do You Build a Regenerative Enterprise? Start By Going On A Camping Trip
By Andrés R. Edwards
LinkedIn. Posted July 23, 2014.

This article describes the key assets of a regenerative organization using a camping trip metaphor.



The SPIRALS Framework: A Trim Tab for a Livable Future And Excerpt from Thriving Beyond Sustainability
By Andrés R. Edwards
Green Money Journal, Summer, 2010 (Volume 18, Issue 4, Number 76).

This article describes how the “SPIRALS” framework acts like a trim tab by guiding inititives towards a better world.



Using SPIRALS As A Lens To Envision The Next Economy
By Andrés R. Edwards
The Journal of Sustainability Education, May 10, 2010.

This article describes how to move beyond "green" economics to a solution-based approach through the “SPIRALS” initiatives that are: Scalable, Place-based, Intergenerational, Resilient, Accessible, Life-affirming, and involving Self-care.



Explaining Green Materials
By Andrés R. Edwards
Architecture Week, July 17, 2002.

Explaining Green Materials describes the design and fabrication of the Green Building Resource displays currently used by cities interested in educating the public about these innovative building materials and techniques.



"Edwards’s clear mind, formidable command of his material, and sharp eye for common principles make his book a remarkable and convincing document, which undoubtedly will become a classic reference work."